A Metal Roof Can Outlast Your Building

metal roof replacementUsing the right material for a roof will ensure that it gives you the required protection to your property over a fairly long period of time. Metal roofs are a matter of choice for homeowners who would like their roof to last for their lifetime. Once you put up a metal roof, beyond the routine maintenance you will never have to spend on replacing the roof.

Metal roofs often come with a manufacturer’s warranty of 50 years, and with just the right maintenance can even last for 75 years. They can withstand most weather conditions including heavy snow, high winds, hail, and rain. They will never rot like wooden roofs will do, and can never be vulnerable to pests and termites. They do not absorb water, will not crack or peel, and remain invulnerable to decay and mildew. There is a possibility of rust, but proper coats of paint or even permanent finishes like galvanizing, or powder coating can help to reduce the chances of rusting.

A major advantage you get when you use metal roofs is that the sheets used can span large distances and are available in long lengths. This helps to avoid joints that can be vulnerable to leaks. The distance between supporting rafters can be greater and this can help to reduce the cost of the support structure. Metal roofs are fire resistant and this is a fact acknowledged by insurance companies, who will offer substantial discounts for insurance. Above all, they are environmentally friendly, as metal roofs can always be completely recycled and reused. In fact, most metal roof products available in the market come from recycled material.They are also able to reflect the sun and this can lead to cooler homes. You can even get sandwich metal roof panels which have a built-in insulation layer, that can greatly help in saving energy.

Metal roofs are available in many different configurations and colors, with a choice further of finishes that can enhance its qualities. Corrugated metal roofs have greater strength and have their own architectural elegance. Flat metal roofs have standing seams that allow adjacent panels to lock with each other. Metal roofs impose less weight on roof structures and this can lead to a reduction in overall costs. They are stronger than traditional roofs and thus offer more protection and security. Metal roofs are known to increase the value of a home because they are seen as long-lasting. SeeĀ  Roof Restoration Narre Warren for your Metal roofing needs.