Interior Lights

Lights and lighting make a huge difference when it comes to any sort of design or artistic project. If that project is your home it is very important that you have a general understanding of some of the options that are available to you when it comes to your interior lighting ideas.

We will break things up into the three major types of lights:

1 – Accent Lighting

Accent lighting can create an impact which makes a specific space look greater than it really is. In case you have a location you want to appear larger, then you’ll want to use accent lighting. Some examples of this would be track lights, these are good to make use of to achieve an accent lighting effect. Wall-mounted lights are also a good option for this too. Accent lighting can create a beautiful effect when done well and can be the perfect addition to any of your rooms at home.

2 – Task Lighting

These lights are made to shed light when you do such things as work with your personal computer or sew, read and things of that particular nature. However, it may be beneficial to prevent using lights that casts a shade and you ought to avoid using harsh lights. One of the most popular types of interior lights for tasks includes what is known as pendant lighting. A directional recessed fixture can be used in this type of setting. There is also an array of portable lamps that are good for shedding light over a specific area that have focused light and do not cast a shadow.

3 – Ambient Lighting

If you want to light a whole room up, then ambient lights are the ideal solution. Some the best lights to get if you want to create an ambient lighting effect includes ceiling mounted lights, chandelier lights, table lights, floor lights and down-lights just to name a few. Talk to a local qualified lighting specialist today at Electrician Geelong. There are numerous places that sell interior lights, including online options and local lighting stores but if you use a professional Electrician they can help you design, purchase and install the lights.

Lighting examples: