Overview of Property Investment Newcastle

One of the biggest problems in Australia today is house affordability. Here we will be looking at Property Investment Newcastle and the way they are setting themselves up as a point of difference in the marketplace. The city of Newcastle located on the East Coast of Australia is only 162km from Sydney and is a beautiful coastal town with a population of over 300,00 people. It offers many lifestyle advantages and is much more affordable than the Sydney housing market.


Property Investment Newcastle is a campaign that will be using a range of marketing methods such as Facebook ads, Google AdWords, SEO and potentially video marketing. This will be done using the main business website and its associated social media pages.

The target market for this campaign is the first-time home buyer as well as long term experienced investors.


We will be using a fix of industry targeted ads as well as very specific keyword searches to try and position the ads in front of the right audience. We will also be using a large amount of client testimonial videos that are currently being sourced.

Below are images of the houses that will be the focus of this campaign. As you can see they are a very modern design and are great for both the investor and home owner that is looking for the perfect family home.

Property investment newcastle Property investment newcastle

Below is a concept that is focused on one of the main benefits of investing in property in Newcastle. This particular image features two stunning brand-new homes and an image of a very old and tired looking home in Sydney. The main point that we are pushing here is the fact that you get these wo new homes for under the price of one very average property in Sydney.

Property investment newcastle


We will be using a variety of analytics to monitor where the best results are being achieved and focusing on those areas for growth.