About Slate Roofing Sydney

Slate roofing Sydney is an exciting new project that we hope will get great results. Local Lead Marketing will be working with roofer Gerard Murphy in chasing organic rankings in the super competitive niche of Slate roofing. The existing competitors have beautiful websites and have clearly spent a lot of money on a range of SEO and marketing.

This is a very new campaign and is being launched and marketed at the start of August 2017. We did however manage to find the domain name http://slateroofingsydney.com.au/ which fortunately had some domain age and even a few backlinks pointing to it. This will make the process of ranking the site a lot faster and easier.

All images for the site have been provided by Gerard and his team of local slate roofing jobs within the Sydney region but mainly around the North Sydney area. We have been very fortunate on this front as Gerard had countless years of photos from a variety of job types. This has made it very easy to provide page specific content for each of his services.

This is a very targeted campaign as the roofer only works with slate roofs. He does however perform a variety of services on these types of roofs which gives us a greater playing field to focus on. The main roofing services that he provides and we will be marketing for are:

  • Slate roof repairs
  • Slate roof restoration
  • Slate roof replacements
  • New slate roofs

As per usual this is a responsive website that has mobile friendly features such as click to call and a page load speed in the 90’s.

As this will take a approximately 8-10 months to see consistent results from our SEO efforts we are running a Google Adwords campaign until we see at least 3-5 leads come in from organic traffic.





All About Roof Restoration Brisbane

BluVision Media - Roof Restoration BrisbaneTo discover a premier roof company in Brisbane with outstanding levels of service, you’ll be forgiven for thinking you’ve stuck it rich and won some sort of tradie lottery. Well, fear no more, the team at Local Lead Marketing have paired with one of the greatest roofing teams in Brisbane to bring you Roof Restoration Brisbane.

A new campaign called Roof Restoration Brisbane has been built to service the roofing needs of the Brisbane population. It has involved a full setup including website, social media, and related local directories.

We are all very excited about this new campaign, it’s not often the opportunity for a campaign in Brisbane arises and being one of the country’s most beautiful capitals, well, lets hope it’s one of many campaigns to be built there.

Roof Restoration Brisbane Services

Roof Restoration Brisbane offer numerous roofing system related services. They can work on any type of roof materials that you might have either being tiled or metal.

Some of the service offerings include;

  • Roof Repairs
  • Roof cleaning & painting
  • Roofing system Replacements
  • Modern Gutter Repairs & Installations

To provide a more accurate estimate, our specialists will come to your home and inspect your roof to determine the scope of works required. This is done free of charge to you and includes a quote. This system gives you confidence that you will be aware before the start of the job how much it will cost. It also minimises any surprises as most faults and issues will be discovered during the inspection phase.

How we can help

Instead of spending hours and hours scouring the internet for a suitable roofing company to carry out your work, contact us as we’ve already found the best roofing company in Brisbane. We know we can say this because we rely on repeat business and it wouldn’t do us any good to recommend a company which is less than desired.

Our group have actually been dealing with the team at Roof Restoration Brisbane for a variety of years now and are positive that we have actually discovered the very best roofing professionals in Brisbane. It remains in our interests to suggest a respectable business as we depend upon repeat service and favourable evaluations.

Take the risk out of hiring

Continuing on, the relationship established between Local Lead Marketing is one that has been created for the long term. As such, this can only be achieved by dealing with reputable companies.

You can be assured that the risk of hiring a dodgey tradie has been eliminated if you go through our partnership, Roof Restoration Brisbane.

All About PewDiePie Tuber Simulator

PewDiePie Tuber SimulatorOne of our associates decided to build a website for a bit of fun and this post takes a look at the website to see how it is performing.

For those who don’t know, and I’m in that category, PewDiePie Tuber Simulator is a game built by Outerminds with PewDiePie based on the success of PewDiePie’s YouTube popularity. PewDiePie is, if not the most, a very popular YouTube star. He has built his success by reviewing games and now he is producing his own.

As of October 2016, PewDiePie took claim to the most “subscribed to” user on YouTube with over 13.5 billion video views. That’s incredible. He’s basically one of the biggest internet stars in the world (if you’re in those interests!). Based on his popularity, what could be a better marketing ploy than creating a game about his success – Tuber Simulator.

PewDiePie’s Tuber Simulator game is a simulation game about becoming a YouTube star, just like PewDiePie of course, and gives the common person like you and I an opportunity to experience similar success. The objective of the game is to become YouTube’s biggest hit, even overtaking PewDiePie. This is achieved by making videos in the game with the goal of getting as many views and subscribers as possible. There are many different ways to achieve this including the games’ own currency called “Bux”. There are lots of hidden gems in the game and there are tactics that can be employed to help ones success.

Our friend’s website, PewDiePieTuberSimulator.net is dedicated to writing informative articles about the game. It provides hints and tips on how to get started; the site being for beginners and advanced users alike. The site is modest and the articles are written simply so that the reader can easily get the information they are after. There is nothing complex about this site – navigation is very easy and the site is not overly populated with fancy graphics and pictures.

Once or twice a week a new blog post is added to the site and discusses the latest gameplay and features. Outerminds occasionally push out updates to the game and it’s good to know what the latest updates have install for the player.

It’s worth keeping in mind that this game when released hit the top of charts within hours. The game is available for both Android and iOS devices. Within 3 weeks of release last October (2016), the game had seen over 5 million installs. It has a following within it’s niche and is very popular with the youngsters.

The website also provides information about where to get the game, download information and in-app purchases. It features a FAQ page that gives enthusiasts a quick option to get information they are searching for. Also the site provides a Contact Us page which gives visitors an option to send in any questions about the game they might have.

Lots of game screenshots are included with each blog post that help guide the visitor in their quest for success. The site is also complimented with social media sites such as a Facebook page, and a Google+ page.

I had never heard of PewDiePie and once I mentioned him to my 14 year old son, he had no trouble in enlightening me on this very popular YouTube star. You learn something new everyday.

An Autoresponder Review Website

BluVision Media - Autoresponder ReviewIf you own or operate a small business, operate a website, or are into online marketing in anyway, then chances are you have heard of how important it is to build your email list. This article discusses an autoresponder review website called Third Party Autoresponder and three main players in the autoresponder market.

Just briefly, for those who are unaware, an autoresponder refers to software that will automatically create set responses to emails that are sent to a particular email address. The purpose is primarily for email marketing but can be for a variety of other reasons that can benefit from automated processes.

Third Party Autoresponder provides reviews of GetResponse, AWeber, and iContact who are all major players in the email marketing world. Other features of the website include Customer Testimonials for each of the products and various articles discussing email marketing and autoresponders. In addition it has a very informative FAQ (frequently asked questions) page to give the visitor a quick run down.


The first autoresponder review is GetResponse that boasts 350,000 customers and over 1 billion subscribers. This software includes tools to create beautiful looking emails suitable for any device, marketing automation, landing pages and webinars. It also allows to easily create newsletters and build communication workflows.

Emails can be created using the email creator tool without the need for any coding. There are also over 500 email templates which can be used to get you sending emails instantly. GetResponse also gives you access to over 1000 iStock images for use in your emails.

Your contacts can be imported without hassle and they also include A/B testing for up to 5 versions of your email to see which is working best with your market.

You can begin using GetResponse with a 30-day free trial.


This autoresponder platform connects well with popular apps such as Facebook, WordPress, LeadPages and also PayPal, providing easy integration for capturing email addresses and adding them to the email list – an important concept in email marketing is building the list.

The AWeber email marketing service is used by over 100,000 users and was founded in 1998. All the tools are web based meaning you can access them from anywhere around the world.

Email campaigns are created easily with the use of a drag & drop editor and it is very simple to create a series of follow up emails. It includes over 700 mobile friendly templates and sign-up forms can be created quickly.

Comprehensive statics are available on all aspects of your email campaigns giving you great control. AWeber also offers a 30-day free trial.


The third autoresponder review on the website is iContact which is targeted at small and medium sized businesses. Emails can be created easily with the use of templates or if you’re proficient in HTML that option is available also. There are various tools to manage your email list and you can schedule automated messages to get delivered over time.

iContact includes a feature that will review messages to make sure emails get delivered to in-boxes. There are many reports available which will help you keep on top of your campaigns. Messages can also be scheduled on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

The platform also provides an API for those wishing to automated integration into existing services.

iContact is available for a 30-day free trial.

In summary, Third Party Autoresponder delivers comprehensive information to the email marketer on some of the biggest players on the market today.

Locksmith North Brisbane

BluVision Media - Locksmith North BrisbaneNorth Brisbane is just 15 minutes from Brisbane’s CBD and comprises of some wonderful suburbs such as Gordon Park, Kedron and Chermside. Brisbane is Australia’s third largest capital city, behind Sydney and Melbourne, with a population of over 2 million people.

Local Lead Marketing has another young campaign called Locksmith North Brisbane which is doing well in it’s infancy. After only 3 months the site is generating around 10 to 15 leads per month and has over 350 impressions for the last 28 days.

A local locksmith operator contacted Local Lead Marketing to discuss setting up a campaign for them, and so far they have been extremely happy with the results. Most leads are concerning an emergency situation, such as being locked out of the house and needing to gain access. Sometimes it’s a situation where it happens on the weekend or late a night and the locksmith is happy to service the clients’ needs.

After consultation with the locksmith, it was determined that most leads will be emergency type situations and to take advantage of that, Local Lead Marketing would create a Google My Business page so that searches for the locksmith would show up in the 3-pack. This gives the campaign an advantage of being visible on a mobile device search and the friction to click on the link is reduced for users.

In addition, the website itself has been optimised for mobile devices – it is responsive and functionality includes touch to call phone numbers and buttons.

Placement of certain elements on the website have been strategically done to help generate phone calls. In addition, the website has one page dedicated to customer testimonials since this locksmith has such a great reputation.

The locksmith North Brisbane campaign is another full-scale campaign from Local Lead Marketing, including social media account creation (Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest) and as a mentioned a Google My Business page.

Continuing marketing and SEO efforts should see the website sitting in a number one position in Google search results for the search term “Locksmith North Brisbane”. The site is currently returning at position number 8.

Apart from emergency access solutions, other services provided by the locksmith include;

  • Key-cutting
  • Automotive
  • Lock Changes & Repairs
  • Window Locks
  • Barrel Changing
  • Re-Keying
  • Lock Out Service
  • Commercial Locking Solutions
  • Safes
  • Desk Locks.


Roof Restoration Campbelltown

BluVision Media - Roof Restoration CampbelltownLocated about 55 kilometres south west of Sydney, Campbelltown is a major centre and city of Sydney in the state of New South Wales. The suburb has a population of more than 10,000 (2011 Census) and was established in 1820.

Roof Restoration Campbelltown is a campaign designed to generate leads for a Campbelltown based roofing business. The website is currently sitting around position 5 Google search results for the search term “Roof Restoration Campbelltown” and is generating 8-10 leads per month. The leads are coming from Campbelltown and surrounding suburbs which is great that it is reaching further than the intended area.

This campaign is one of Local Lead Marketing’s youngest campaigns, being kicked off only 3 months ago.

The major service offered by this roofing company is roof restorations, and other services include;

  • roof replacements
  • roof cleaning and roof painting
  • roof repairs
  • gutter replacements
  • gutter installations
  • leaf guard installations.

The campaign is another full blown campaign; it utilises social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, YouTube) and Google My Business for local listings. Each network supports each other and the site shows prominently in a local search due to a lot of work in submitting the site to local directories.

Continuing SEO marketing efforts should see this site reach a number one position in Google within a few months.

For the last 28 days, the site has resulted in over 300 impressions which is pretty impressive for a smaller populated area.

According to the client, the conversion rate from leads to converted jobs is very rate, and Local Lead Marketing report that this client is one of the highest converters. This is a great result for the business partnership.

Roof Restoration Newcastle

BluVision Media - Roof Restoration Newcastle

The city of Newcastle is the second most populated area in New South Wales and was established in 1804. Roof Restoration Newcastle was created for a local roofing company looking to expand their business in terms of number of crews. Already doing quite well, the owner has a keen business sense and is constantly looking for new techniques to expand the business.

This campaign is a young campaign having kicked off with a client around April 2016. SEO and other marketing efforts have been steadily applied to the campaign over time, utilising a drip feed strategy.

The website targets multiple keywords and the primary keyword is Roof Restoration Newcastle. Other keywords include roof replacement Newcastle, roof repairs Newcastle, Newcastle roof restoration, and Newcastle roof replacement just to name a few.

The search volume of the primary keyword is 140 searches per month and the website is currently sitting at around position 7 in Google for the search term. The campaign is generating around 10-15 leads per month for the client and is steadily rising.

For the last 28 days, the site has had over 1,000 impressions for Australia only, and nearly 5,000 worldwide.

Architecturally, the site was built using WordPress, and utilising the Pagelines DMS platform.

Other online marketing efforts include social media (Facebook, Google Plus & Google My Business, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest).

The goal of the site is to promote the roofing services offered by the client, using the primary keyword as the hook to get people interested or needing roof restorations to visit the site.

The major services offered and promoted on the site include;

  • roof restorations
  • roof replacements
  • roof cleaning
  • roof painting
  • roof repairs
  • gutter installations & replacements
  • colorbond roofing.



Feedback from the local Newcastle client indicates that they’re quite happy with the quality of leads coming through. Overall the campaign is proving successful for the client and marketing efforts will continue until the site is appearing at the number one position for the primary keyword.