About Slate Roofing

Here we will be looking at a brief overview of slate roofing and we will be diving into Slate Roofing Sydney and how they are using facebook to generate interest in there very specialised service.

Slate Roofing Overview:

Slate being a roofing material has a undeniable beauty and attractive feel that hardly any other roofing materials on the market today can yield. By having an unmatched mixture of beauty and stellar performance, many homeowners still prefer slate roofing tiles on the modern options which may have flooded the roofing market. For instance, it is malleable, making it easy to shape. However, it is actually tough enough to withstand the elements for an extremely long period.

Slate is one of the oldest forms of roofing still being used to date and has been in use for well over 700 years. The usage of slate being a roofing material was initially recorded in the late 1200 and early 1300 A.D. in North Wales, England. During this time, the information was very costly to the mass market as they are always the case with new materials. As such, it absolutely was used being a roofing material for that rich. As an illustration, it was actually used being a roofing material on the Conway Castle between 1287-87 A.D.

So iconic is the look of slate roofs that many people select roofing tiles that mimic the look of slate. It can be little wonder that even groundbreaking roofing technologies like SolarCity’s solar roofs have got a slate option. As such, despite having far cheaper options available on the market, slate roofs are not going away in the near future.

Slate Roofing Sydney:

Now lets have a look at how the company Slate Roofing Sydney is getting there message across. They are using all of the usual online options with a main website and medium social media presence. One of the biggest things that they are doing is using images heavily on all of their marketing material. This is a great idea for this particular company as Slate is such a beautiful product that it makes sense to use its beauty to highlight the benefits of slate and the quality of the workmanship of the above mentioned company. Below you will find a small taste of some of the images of the work performed as well as a link to their Facebook page to look over other projects that they have finished.

Images thanks to the guys at Slate Roofing Sydney, visit there Facebook page for more information https://www.facebook.com/Slate-Roofing-Sydney-324240528008809/