About Us

BluVision Media - Local Lead Marketing LogoThere are over 1 billion websites on the internet as of the beginning of 2016. The first website was created in 1991. This a phenomenal growth and now it is impossible for an individual to be able to appreciate every single website on the internet.

The purpose of our website, BluVision Media, is to document certain types of websites that we have an interest in – local business websites.

This website documents the work of an Australian company who specialises in marketing local businesses. Local Lead Marketing has developed a large number of websites for local businesses and also has deployed SEO strategies that see a large number of these websites in the top 5 position in Google search results.

Combined, Local Lead Marketing generates over 400 phone leads for their clients per month and over 20 email leads. Each lead generated is exclusive to each individual client and never passed on to another client.

Look around, look at the portfolio and you’re welcome to use our contact us page to send us any feedback.